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The White House Business Council Forum is a place where you, as business owners, can contribute ideas and feedback about how the administration can support businesses across the country, as well as share ideas and stories, and stay in touch with the White House.

This is designed as a community-moderated platform in order to retain focus on the designated topic and to ensure that the forum remains appropriate for an audience of all ages. Accordingly, we ask all participants to agree to the following Terms of Participation:

• You agree to post only ideas and feedback about how the administration can support businesses across the country, share stories about how to improve your own business, or discuss other events and activities related to the White House Business Council.

• Because Americans of all ages will be able to view these ideas online, we ask all those who elect to participate to conduct themselves in a civil manner – to refrain from posting threats, obscenity, other material that would violate the law if published here, abusive or racist language, and sexually explicit material.

• This is not a forum for airing grievances against other companies or organizations, co-workers, supervisors, or other individuals. We reserve the right to take down any such inappropriate submissions or any other submissions that may compromise the privacy of any individual.

• Do not submit identifying information in any of your submissions.

• As part of the community moderation, during the event participants are encouraged to mark those submissions that they believe violate these Terms of Participation by clicking on the headline of the idea/topic and then clicking “Flag idea as inappropriate” under the author’s name. When you do so, we ask you to mark only those submissions you believe violate these terms. Please do not mark ideas for any other reasons, including your disagreement with the opinions expressed. If multiple participants mark a submission as violating these Terms of Participation, it will be subject to review. If a review determines that the submission violates these Terms of Participation, the submission may be removed from the site. We reserve the right not to remove the submissions you marked if they comply with these Terms of Participation or for any other reason.

These are terms of an agreement between you and WhiteHouse.gov. By registering for an account, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The forum and ideas are hosted by UserVoice Inc., but WhiteHouse.gov owns and has access to the data related to forum, which will be treated in accordance with the WhiteHouse.gov privacy policy. UserVoice does not retain your email address and does not store the IP addresses related to this project. Your provision of comments is wholly voluntary.

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