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NY based company that grows all the food we currently imports, in year round, organic greenhouses, employing 537,000 paying $34,432/yr on av

Company Private Family held company in New York
History 16 years of continuous, commercial operations in Israel
Industry Commercial Organic Greenhouse Food Production
Market 2,800 facilities in 44 states
Jobs 518,000 (185 per greenhouse)
Pay $34,434/avg ($11 to $50 per hour)

Brief With 16 years of success in a hot and dry desert, and 6 years of success in the cold and dark North Sea region (Netherlands), we know our greenhouse model will deliver predictable harvests in sold and dark Northern U.S. states and hot and dry Southern U.S. states.

Solving Systemic Economic and Environmental. Problems

Food Safety - While the Food Safety Bill was passed, the fiscal conflict on Capitol Hill did not get it funded. Thus we continue to import fresh food from under regulated countries. Growing our own food in highly efficient, organic (Kosher!) greenhouses, ends this Food Safety concern.

Food Security - Scientist believed by 2020, that Chinese demand for food and water would begin to crowd out supplies from their neighbors. With prioritized growing operations in Russia, Malaysia, Australia, Africa, South America..even the U.S. (China owns 50 square miles south of Boise), this Chinese food issue is already effecting the world's markets. Tens of thousands of acres in Argentina and Brazil that once grew our food, is now growing soy beans for container shipment back to Chinese pigs and chickens. Again, growing our own food eliminates any food security issues we currently have.

Food Nutrition - For 60 years, food marketers have been breeding food to be the right size, shape and color. Thus, the nutritional value of our produce has been "dumbed down." This startling fact is revealed in an obscure report that few politicians want anyone to know. But I have it and I'm happy to share it with all in the White House who are focused on nutrition and crowding out fatty foods for our increasingly obese population (both adults and kids).

Greenhouse Gas Sequestration- Each 30 acre greenhouse complex is a natural GHG sink...where our fruits and vegetables undergo a robust photo synthesis process...daily. By rotating out old plants and replacing them with new plants every 13 weeks, we will sequester 30,000 tons of CO2 per year. Linde Gas, the same company that collects CO2 from the Shell Oil Refinery in Pernis and distributes this CO2 to 400 commercial Dutch greenhouses, is our partner here in North America. They have a CO2 collector model that can be sold to any standard oil refinery for $1.2 M. With such a CO2 collector in place the combined refinery and greenhouse will create carbon credits worth $210K per year. Even in a voluntary carbon market, that is enough to finance the CO2 collector (PV = $1.2M, N= 30 yers, i = 5%, PMT/yr = $42,635)

Green Fuel Production - To satisfy the clean air act, the EPA is looking for refiners to produce and or blend 6.6 million gallons of cellulosic bio fuels. The American Petroleum Institute says these fuels are not available nor is there a market for them. Since our greenhouse waste most resembles common "Peat", gasifying this uniform, predictable supply of biosolids will produce 650,760 gallons of "green diesel" per year. This Fisher Tropsch Diesel is already markeed in Europe. To satisfy the EPA "green fuel" requirement, we need to build just 11 NPPI greenhouses and gasify the waste. The full mature market potential for this fuel is 1.8 billion be blended with home heating fuel as well as over the road transportation fuels.

Water Pollution - Despite 20 years of direct and focused conservation efforts by U.S. farmers, the quality of U.S. ground water continues to decline. There are two reasons for this:
1. fuel crops - since corn and soy destined for a bio fuels plant are not to be consumed by animals or people, many more chemicals are used to raise these crops. These chemicals wash into the acquifer during any rainfall.
2. bio solids - large concentrated animal operations routinely dispose of their animal wastes by "spraying fields" with the biosolids. Thus, all of the antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.. consumed by the animals, ends up in our ground water.
The report I will reference in our White House meeting is from the US Geological Survey. It took 12 years to collect this data and another 4 years to report on the data. With no good news to report, this data received very little attention from media outlets. Recently ground water supply and contaminiation issues became news with the Keystone Pipeline project built in a well defined and important aquifer in the Mid west.

Debt and Deficit - Since we borrow 42% of the federal budget, and we lend $5.2 Billion to foreign growers, thus when we consume imported produce we
Contribute to the Federal budget deficit
Contribute to the International Trade deficit
Contribute to the Federal debt
Create jobs over seas...when we need to create jobs here.

If the USDA lent $5.2 Billion to NPPI...instead of to foreign growers:

Greenhouses - 231 Thirty Acre Complexes
Job Creation - 42,375
Pay rolls - $1.47 Billion
CO2 sequestered - 6.93 Million tons per year
Food Production - 1.7 Million tons (9% of current imports)

And since each single greenhouse complex supports the construction of two more 30 acre complexes, if we had such a year one investment as $5.2 Billion, at t he end of five years, we will have
built all 2,800 greenhouses in 44 states, employ 518,000, growing
all the food we currently import.

I am on Capitol Hill frequently briefing members of Congres from significant Dairy Districts. Let me know when I can come to the White House and brief:
President Obama Permanent Swing state job creation
VP Biden Permanent Green Jobs
Michelle Obama Nutritious fresh food to crowd out fatty foods
Jill Biden Middle Class jobs for returning vets.

Let me know what the next steps are.

Robert McManus
National Produce Production Inc
5 Barley Cone Lane
Rosemont, PA 19010

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        I have platform -The target for these platform reduce the total cost for produced 1 kw of solar energy to 5 cent $ to equals total cost for 1kw produced by fossils fuel – how I can executive it by cooperation with united stats government

        I Record patent for double effected produced solar power plant .
        powered system double effected produced solar power plant contain PV modules + CSP Panels - concentrating solar power Panels and using structure steel frame of pipes square in an arc or parabolic trough panels and this structure is divided into rectangles dimensions of each rectangle = external dimensions of the unity of PV modules and optical and external dimensions of the pieces equivalent = 10 m. length x 7.5 m arc length and this panels hanging down steel beam is and raised by steel columns - and hanging by spindle allows him to rotate with the sun to receive sunlight vertically - and this system allows to double the amount of energy generated from sun radiation when the sun arises stations at latitude 30 degree north of the equator - I have set up Illustrations For station with capacity 1430 MW and occupies an area of land about 800 acres ( 1 acres = 4200 m2 )and instillation cost about 2,000,000,0000 dollars or two billion dollars - and cost of production 1 KW energy about $ 0.065 - illustration of this station and the cost of setting up the station accounts and existing feasibility study
        Marketing plan:
        I Invited all investment's in solar energy in any countries at latitude 30 degree north of the equator
        Invitation to investment in solar energy by double effected solar power plant in north Africa at latitude 30 degree north equator which passing through south Morocco , Tunis – middle Algeria – Libya – Egypt , north Saudi Arab – south Iraq to produced amount of energy enough to Europeans counters and north African countries – also through china and east Asian countries to supply solar energy and collaboration between china and east Asian countries in solar energy field – also collaboration between America and south America countries in solar energy field .
        The collaboration between Arabic investors and Europeans' Investors to establishment and instillation 1000 solar power plant in north Africa - every one with active power produced 1000 MW at latitude 30 degree north of the equator
        I Invited all investment's in solar energy at latitude 30 degree north of the equator
        Austin – Baton – Tallahassee – Florida which passing at Government
        The collaboration between American investors and Europeans' Investors to establishment and instillation 1000 solar power plant south America with active power produced 1000 MW at latitude 30 degree north of the equator .
        - I am ready to provide any assistance for the implementation of these stations
        - please study for execution on the south of America to provide several million jobs for the people of the U.S.A and recovery the U.S. economy

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